Cuckold couple needing single men!

Hey guys im Lori! Me and my partner ashely need some new men that can come fuck me in front of my partner, we dont mind what age you are, all we care about is if you have a nice fat dick which you can fuck me with lol! so message me if you’re up for it and you dont need to ask mee if you want to bring somebody with you, the more cocks the better me and my partner say haha! if you enjoy doing it too, it doesnt have to be the last time doing it either because we will always need cocks to fill my holes with!

Lori is from Aldham, Suffolk.
Gender: Female
Username: Lori
Age: Late 20's
Marital Status: Got a BF
Turn ons: ,
Best features: My wet pussy
Looking for: A man with a big cock to fuck me
Target age: Anyone over 20

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