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Swingers club advice

Swinging is an extremely social activity.  Meeting new people, starting a conversation, enjoying a drink with them is really no different than what you would experience at a ‘normal’ bar or night club. Obviously, a key difference is that you might decide to have sex with that person or persons with a relatively short space of time and been in a place, be it as a club or party, that would actively encourage that and provides the environment to facilitate that. Like all activities it is always easier to engage in them with people you know or are at least in some way familiar with. Certainly, on your first visit to a club, you might simply like to watch people, observe how different individuals and groups interact with each other, and perhaps get a feel for the flow of conversation.

Not everyone who attends a swingers club or party will want to have sex the first time they meet someone, they might just want to engage in flirtatious conversation and enjoy a drink or two!! Some may wish to make a date to meet up on another occasion or decide they don’t ‘fancy’ each other. Don’t be surprised if you do not have sex on your first visit to a club or attendance at a party. However, if you do, you should be aware that different couples or individuals set their own personal boundaries, which may be different from your own or from others who might be participating in ‘play’.

They may participate in threesomes, foursomes or other group scenes; however, their limits prevent this going any further than enjoying oral sex. The scene would typically climax with the woman being fucked by her regular partner possibly engaging in oral sex with another male or female. Some couples have individual limits that differ where one will engage in full sex whereas the other will only have non penetrative sex  Finally, others where one partner does not participate at all but derives enjoyment from watching his or her partner enjoying sex with other individuals or groups.

The only hard and fast rule is respecting others, their boundaries, be courteous…..and HAVE FUN!!

What should you wear? – There is no swinger’s uniform as such. You should wear what you normally expect to wear when going to a club or party. Some clubs do have a dress code and you should make sure that you ascertain what that is before going, to either the disappointment of not going in or the potential embarrassment of being noticeably differently attired to everyone else. Both clubs and parties, being adult in nature, may present the opportunity for you to wear something more exotic, if you feel comfortable doing this.

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