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Swingers Terminology

Are you new to the swinging scene and dont have a clue about the lingo or what to expect? Then let us help you under stand swinging a little. Following are some common terms you may come across in the swinging scene, which, if you are not familiar with, you may find helpful.

Soft Swinging or Soft Swap: The term usually applies to kissing, touching/fondling, or having oral sex with a third or fourth person in a   threesome or partner swap or during group sex.
Full Swap:  -Refers to what is considered (although isn’t necessarily) the most common form of swinging i.e. having penetrative sex with someone other than your usual partner
Closed Swinging –  This simply refers to a couple who do not watch each other have sex with other people.
Open Swinging – Conversely partners have agreed not to have sex with someone else UNLESS the other partner is watching
Group Sex:  – Describes activities involving multiple sexual partners in the same location
Exhibitionism – : Those who enjoy the practice of having sex (whether soft or full) with a partner or other swinger(s) while being watched.
Voyeurism:  – This is used to describe those who like to watch others have sex

The following are some specific terminology you may come across if you attend a swinging club or party swingers.

‘On Premises’ –This would mean that swingers will interact sexually with each other at the club or party, this may be allowed in the clubs main areas and would be referred to ‘as same room swinging’ or may take place in a separate room or ‘play room’, ‘play’ being the general term swingers use to refer to sex.
‘Off Premises’ – Is the term applied where swingers may meet at a club or party but go back to a   home or hotel room to ‘play’.

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