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Swinging hints

If you attend a swingers club or party event at some point during the evening, whether you have sex or not, you will be getting close to others. It goes without saying that a good standard of cleanliness is more than desirable. Take a shower before you go, brush your teeth and shave, where appropriate. Ensure fingers and toe nails are nicely manicured!!

Most clubs will also provide facilities to ‘freshen up’ during the evening and it is sensible to take your own towel to use if you decide to wash or shower during the night.

Don’t be afraid to socialise, ask questions, most people at swinging events are more than happy to answer questions and talk about their experience of the scene.

If you attend with your partner, unless you have decided beforehand to split up, don’t just abandon them, an abandoned partner can quickly became a jealous and emotional partner.

Another aspect worthy of consideration is whether or not alcohol consumption is conducive to enjoyable swinging or not. At then end of the day it really depends on how you handle alcohol and what effect it has on you. It is certainly not recommended that your drink excessively, particularly on your first visit to a club or attendance at a swingers party .Too much alcohol will leave you wondering whether you had sex with someone because you were pissed or whether you exercised freedom of choice in a conscious effort to broaden your horizons.

To really enjoy the experience it is essential that you know where you are and where your partner is and that you are both within the limits that you set yourselves, that you are doing what you want whilst respecting the wishes and personal boundaries of others you encounter. Experience indicates that alcohol is not always the greatest aid to maintaining the proper sense of awareness and has been known to impede performance!!

Always remember the golden rule, no means no. If you do not wish to have sex with someone just, politely, say no.

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